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Routine Maintenance

Emergency Repairs


New Machines, Upgrades, Retrofits


Going beyond pencil and paper

Routine Maintenance and the Emergency Repair

While the team at Brunner Equipment is available for emergency repairs and consultations, we know that our customers find the most long term value in our routine maintenance programs.  The value we offer in emergency repair is not simply as being a group that can change parts; but more in our broad knowledge of parts available.  Parts to perform an exact repair may not be available for a few weeks; but with our knowledge of the multitude of methods and parts available it is usually possible to make a field repair to return machinery to functioning (although reduced functioning) state, as a patch until proper parts can be installed.

Routine Maintenance

Machine owners know that routine maintenance is the best way to prevent unexpected downtime.  When the machine goes down, business grinds to a halt.  We utilize an organic approach to understand not just what the machine does but how it serves your company; experience has taught us that understanding the process is time well spent towards understanding the failure modes of the machine.  By understanding the way the machine is being used, we can craft a maintenance plan that is not just cost effective, but also time effective.

Understanding how machinery is being used will prompt a method of inspection.  A machine under continuous production will show different patterns of wear and failure than a machine that is used for a single product and then mothballed for a month.  Understanding the production demand on the equipment will influence the types of materials and lubricants that will be most appropriate for use.  Understanding the method of operation will provide key information to long term cost savings through failure prevention.

For example; a hydraulic machine that is put under heavy use for a single production run and then shut down overnight will have a tendency to collect water in the oil tank.  Understanding the conditions of operation we can suggest oil tank modifications and additions that will prevent the ingress of water; thus preventing the spoilage of the hydraulic oil.

Understanding the available tools

Tools and methodology are constantly developing in the maintenance world.  Understanding both where and when these tools are best applied, can maximize their effectiveness.  Brunner Equipment has partnered with various local providers to create a network of small businesses that can perform vibration analysis, thermal analysis, oil analysis; and using these tools we can look deep into the machines that make your business run to understand where the weak points lie.

As a company we are not in the business of selling equipment; we are in the business of customer service.  It is not in our interest to constantly sell you new equipment, instead we are here to help you be the most satisfied and educated about the equipment you have, or the equipment you need.

We were recently called in to evaluate what was believed to be a failing hydraulic pump.  The machine was operating at only ten percent of capacity.  A different repair company had come through and recommended replacing the hydraulic pump; condemning the device without any form of testing.  The customer reported that the pump and associated plumbing was getting very hot while in operation.  A review of the available schematics revealed this to be a rather complex hydraulic circuit; a load balanced servo driven control.  Before spending too much time digging through the pump, a simple flow at pressure test was performed, and revealed the pump to be in good condition.  Following components down stream, control valves were tested, plumbing was verified; in the end a failing hydraulic motor was isolated as the root cause.  Plant maintenance was able to replace the motor without further assistance.


New needs call for new engineering studies; but not always new solutions.  It is important to review and understand the task at hand.  There are some problems that require a solution that involves high levels of technology; where there are other designs that will work efficiently and effectively with simple mechanical answers.  It is not always necessary to install high cost motor controllers, when a simple gear and chain reducer will work well.

To engineer a long term solution that a customer is happy with, it is necessary to not only understand the process the machine is to perform, but also the resources available for the machine.  A maintenance team that is experienced in servicing electrical systems will not be satisfied with a mechanical solution; nor will it perform well for them until the skill sets needed to maintain the machine are developed.  Understanding the local resources that are available during the engineering phase and even through the installation phase can make the difference for long term success; identify the weakness and build in the necessary strength.

Customers will often time find they have a machine that will provide almost all the functionality they need.  While the equipment OEM can provide these solutions they are typically cost prohibitive.  We can step in and provide integrated solutions that will support the customers needs.


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Our work


Brunner Equipment offers a mobile professional who is skilled and experienced in the fields of hydraulics, electronics and pneumatics.  We cover everything from basic machine framework through to PLC code.  Our staff could most easily be described as a cross between the guy at the hardware store who always has the answer you need, and the guy where you take your computer when it's broke.

We have many years of experience in the design and manufacture of mobile and industrial equipment.  Our foundation skills lie in the fields of hydraulics, pneumatics, and electronics.  These skill translate into all fields of manufacturing and production allowing us to service and repair all types of equipment including:

  • Material handling equipment (conveyors, wrappers, box folding machines, bailers, stackers and order pickers)

  • Fabrication equipment (brakes, shears, lathes, milling machines, drill presses)

  • Construction Equipment (backhoe, track hoe, bulldozer, grader, dump truck)

Our staff can perform lubrication sampling to support or establish analysis programs.  We can provide equipment change out and installation services, including machine alignment and Post-Mortem inspection services.

We are in the process of outfitting our mobile repair truck, and currently can manufacture most hose and tube assemblies on site - call us for specifics.

We have partnered with other local merchants to provide a complete line of services, including:

  • Welding and Metal Fabrication

  • Cylinder repair and replacement services

  • Precision balance and alignment service



Pfafftown, NC

Tel: 336-970-0985

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